Horror Streaming On Demand: Screambox vs Shudder

For those keeping score, 2 new streaming platforms have surfaced for Horror Fans competing with the likes of Netflix and VOD services for your hard earned dollar.  Both of these platforms are inexpensive and make it easy for one to indulge and get their daily movie fix without having to shop too many places.

Let’s Compare:


  • Categories – Easy to find, well put together.  The mass selections are very organized.
  • Content – There are a bunch to choose from.  More or less selections we’d see on Netflix if you have that.  Offers mainstream and independent films and a TV series.
  • Video Player- Video plays 480p video.
  • Devices – Optimized to play on all players, but there is no applications available on game systems yet, but can be found on Roku.
  • Pricing – $3.99 per month.
  • Promos – Has a 30 day free trial upon signing up.  No contracts or obligations to stick around.  Opt out whenever you wish.


  • Categories – Looks like someone’s very busy Instagram wall.  Just a bunch of random tiles all over the place.  They have some organization, but it takes a while to find things.
  • Content – Not a big selection, but all of the selections are things one would want to see on a wim.  A good mix of Mainstream, Foreign, and Independent flicks.  Has a random player called Shudder TV.
  • Video Player – Not sure what the settings are, but this flash video player comes in clear small or big.
  • Devices – Promised on so many, but can only find it on Roku.  Once they’ve got past the BETA phase of development, they could be seen all over.
  • Pricing – $4.99  per month.  Even has price cuts for extended services beyond monthly.
  • Promos – Being very generous with their 60 day free trial for new subscribers.

For content despite not having as much, Shudder has better films to watch overall.  But if you want variety and the ability to discover new things, Screambox has it licked.  The overall winner to me would be Shudder TV.  Since they are owned by AMC, the possibilities to get better content put them ahead.   We could even see The Walking Dead maybe in the near future.

But for now, both services are worth keeping.  I’ll stick to both until one proves to be super dominant.  As of the right here and now, it’s tough to say.  Something dramatic could change between both services once they get kicked into full gear.


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